Fees And Rebates


Our fee for a standard 50 to 60-minute consultation is $200.00. We are registered with Medicare Australia and private health funds, making it easy for you to access rebates. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you will need a referral from a GP, Paediatrician, or Psychiatrist.

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The current rebate for Medicare and psychology sessions under a mental health care plan is $93.35 per session. You can receive up to ten sessions in a calendar year.

Private Health Funds

For private health clients, we have the convenience of HICAPS. With HICAPS, you no longer need to lodge your claim separately with your health fund. The claim is finalised immediately after your consultation. There is no need to pay the full consultation fee up front, you only pay the gap payment.

Eligible Clients

You can receive up to ten individual sessions in a calendar year. After six sessions, we will provide a report to your referring doctor; your doctor will review the report with you and discuss whether further sessions are required. If further sessions are required, a further four sessions will be eligible for a rebate with Medicare.

You can also receive up to ten group therapy sessions in a calendar year.


Concession rates may be offered in special circumstances. Please contact our office for further information.

Assessments And Reports

Fees for the assessments and reports vary depending on the nature of the services. Please call our office to discuss your specific needs.

How does Medicare Easyclaim work?

Full payment is required at the consultation. After you pay for your consultation (using cash, credit card or EFTPOS), your Medicare card is swiped through our EFTPOS terminal.

We enter the claim details through the EFTPOS keypad, which is sent to Medicare Australia. The claim is checked, and approval is sent back a few seconds later. You then swipe your EFTPOS card and enter your PIN, and your rebate is paid into your nominated cheque or savings account almost immediately.

Get your rebate almost immediately; there is no need to make your claim separately with Medicare.

Medicare and Telehealth sessions

Telehealth is the delivery of health services remotely, making it ideal in situations where patients and providers are separated by distance. Although the name implies telephone sessions, Telehealth consultations are more often conducted via video calls, which dramatically expands the scope of healthcare services. Telehealth eliminates the time, cost, and physical burden of travel, making regular sessions more feasible and affordable

You can receive Medicare rebates for working with a psychologist in Australia via Telehealth. All Medicare card holders are eligible for rebates for up to ten sessions per year, provided you have an eligible mental health condition and referral from a GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician. In some cases, it may not be appropriate to receive psychological treatment by telehealth; your referring doctor and/or mental health professional will discuss this with you.